George Lucas On “Red Tails” and Hollywood’s Reluctance To Make It

A movie that Hollywood didn't want to make.

Reposted from The Huffington Post:

As an African-American film director and scriptwriter, I have to say I was incredibly moved by George Lucas’ public comments on his latest film, Red Tails. Lucas, who basically changed how sci-fi movies are made with his groundbreaking Star Wars saga, and impacted our pop culture in ways few movies have, admitted in aninterview on The Daily Show With Jon Stewart that even with his track record he could not get any major studio to back this movie, largely because it featured an all-black cast of heroes. If you haven’t seen the interview you should. Because the truth is if these same words came from a black filmmaker, and one not as accomplished, then likely their words would be labeled as whining. So see the words come from Lucas himself.

In a nutshell here is what he said. The movie is about an African-American unit of pilots in World War II, the Tuskegee Airmen, and their fight to have the chance to fight for their country and show what they could and did do to help this country remain free, despite they themselves not having full freedoms in what was still a discriminatory society in the U.S. Lucas says he could not get any of the studios to fund the project due to the mostly black cast, so he did it himself. He then went to the studios again to help with getting it out, at least hoping they would pay for the cost of prints and advertising. Once more they said they would not do it. So again, Lucas dug into his own pockets and covered that cost as well. He was finally able to get 20th Century Fox to at least distribute the thing since he paid all the other costs to get it done.

To read the full piece on The Huffington Post click here.

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