A White Father And A Black Child?

Why the labels at all?

“You can call the child biracial, but everyone will think of her as black.  It’s not like how your people determine if the child is Jewish based on the fact that the mother is Jewish.  If one parent is black, the child is black.  That’s just how it is.”

        This is a very interesting quote from an article written by a White father of a Mixed child, about a comment he heard regarding the age old “one drop” rule. The rule, which way too many people accept as real, says that one drop of black blood in you makes you Black regardless of the rest of  your mixture. It is a stupid and silly concept rooted in racism and one that surprisingly most people, even Blacks espouse. Indeed I would venture to say that more Blacks accept this concept than others, even though its root implies that the Black gene “taints” all others.
       Truly ignorant.
       But I love the honesty of the author. It reminds of the idiocy of how we see “race” summarized by the sentence that a White woman can give birth to a Black child but aBlack woman cannot give birth to a White child. That this makes sense to people is beyond my understanding. And it is so interesting to me that people often justify this idiocy by saying it is not them that think this way, they are just saying society thinks that way so therefore it is reality.
       Well this very notion ignores the reality that WE are society. The speaker is society. Society does not think. It is a concept. People think. Or they are supposed to. The collective that is society has been wrong on many fronts before. And we have proven the ability to turn what “society” thinks. So I don’t buy that this is society’s judgement so therefore it is right or something we should therefore also espouse. “Society” in this case is ignorant. As individuals we can be smarter.
       Here is the link  to the father’s wonderful article.
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