Why Do People Think Mixed Individuals Have To Choose Sides?

An interesting response to silly "race" notions.

I came across this interesting video from this Mixed young lady in London. In it she talks about some of the common things Mixed people have to hear other people say about them. It is very interesting what she hears (though not surprising since you can probably guess some of them). And I like her spunk and well-thought out answers.

The only issue I have with her viewpoint is that she seems to buy into the whole “race” concept at all. She also says she is neither one thing or the other but something totally different, being “Mixed Race” as she calls it. I would say that is true but at the same time she is also both one and the other. In her case then, she is both White AND Black, as well as being neither. While that may seem complicated to some who would rather simple boxes, it is simply true. But what I wholeheartedly agree with her with is that no one has the right to define for her what she is, and which parent she has to identify with.

Check out her video here.

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