A Movie That Deals With Mixed Couples In A Grown Up Way

Worth seeing for a lot of reasons.

Here’s a heads up on what is supposed to be a phenomenal movie that among other things deals with a mixed couple and how they have to deal with that in a very complicated environment. I haven’t seen this yet but can’t wait to. It is a foreign film and though I usually don’t like movies with subtitles, this one sounds worth it. The movie is called Sonny Boy and here is an excerpt on what it’s about from one glowing review:

For one thing, it has an impressive scale, beginning in the 1920s and taking its characters through the end of World War II.  Director Maria Peters, working with a first-rate technical team, does a fine job recreating the period scenes, but she never lets the production design overwhelm the intimate human story.  The film is based on a Dutch best-seller by Annejet van der Zijl that recounted the true story of an interracial romance that spanned decades.  Rika (Ricky Koole) is separated from her husband when she rents a room to Waldemar (Sergio Hasselbaink), a young black student from Surinam.  He comes from a well educated, affluent family in South America, but he nonetheless inflames the prejudice of their Dutch neighbors, especially when the two begin a passionate love affair.  They have a son together, but their romance comes at a high price; Rika loses custody of her four older children.  When Rika and Waldemar are evicted from their home, they are taken in by a Jewish saloon keeper.  During the Nazi occupation, Rika repays the favor by hiding a number of Jewish refugees.

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