The Cowboys Cheerleader and Her Football Boyfriend

As I’ve written before one of the best and worst things about the Internet is that people can hide behind its anonymity and say what’s really on their minds. Which means all the racists out there can run amok.

One case in point this week is the piece online this week about the Dallas Cowboys cheerleader and her black boyfriend. You saw what he did on national TV above, now read the article below and especially the comments. The ugliness of some of the posters, and what they say about the girl, and him of course, is amazing. Clearly it is rooted in jealousy, of him because he makes so much money as an athlete and because he can get a pretty girl like a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader for his girlfriend, and also anger at her because she is so good looking and dared to show she doesn’t care about the color of her boyfriend.

It’s just amazing to me. But again, I am glad we can see how many of them think. And I enjoy that they have to see these relationships put right there in front of them, forcing them to deal with it. So kudos to him, her, and the network for showing this exchange on national TV and treating it the right way, as normal and a cute happening.

Here is the link to the article with the comments to check out.

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One thought on “The Cowboys Cheerleader and Her Football Boyfriend

  1. As a blogger, you know that Word Press gives you the option to moderate (allow or disallow) a comment to be published below your posts. If that practice could be implemented and adhered to by everyone who writes articles, blogs, etc., then that would help eliminate a good percentage of the idiots that are enabled through the internet to spew their venom like some of the boneheads who commented on the link you provided. If the writer in that article had this option and didn’t bother to use it, then he/she would be as ignorant as the ones commenting.

    To me it’s sad that in 2011 we’re still writing and reading about predjudiced morons like these. Unfortunately, ‘Comment’ boxes will always offer a ‘safe haven’ for the mindless racists who would never utter a word to anyone face to face..
    We found the video above to be exactly what you described it as; a normal and cute happening- because that’s exactly what it was..

    Great Post! Well done!

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