The Overreaction File – The “White” Michael Vick

Much ado about nothing.

I certainly believe we have a duty to stay diligent when it comes to calling out “racial” and ethnic stupidity, but I also believe it is very important to call people out when they cry racism unnecessarily. Doing so can be just as damaging as racism itself in some cases.

One of the latest examples of this is the continuing crying over the photo ESPN The Magazine used in conjunction with a story that asked the question, “What If Michael Vick Were White?” The magazine chose to use a computer generated image, at least it looks like that’s how they did it, of how Michael Vick would look if he were white. It was a provocative idea and one that accomplished it’s task of drawing attention to the story.

So regardless of the article’s content, which interestingly enough didn’t generate any controversy, an uproar developed over the “white face” Vick. For some reason some made a big stink about the image and making Vick white. They see it as a “racist” decision on the part of the magazine’s editors, who at first gave in to the uproar and removed the photo, replacing it with a regular picture of Vick. But then the editors came to their senses and realized the crying was ridiculous and they reposted the original “White Vick.”

Move along people. There’s no racism here. Just an idea and a way to draw attention to a provocative story. Sometimes a duck is just a duck. To read the article associated with the photo, click here.

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