A Unique and Almost Unnoticed Box Office Moment

Zoe Saldana kicked some butt.

Very often there is talk about how Hollywood does not very often give Blacks and other minorities a chance to shine in leading roles. And likewise  how mainstream America doesn’t accept Blacks and others minorities in leading roles in the movies they prefer.

But when the contrary is true we need to acknowledge it and applaud it.

This past weekend at the Box Office, the #1 and #2 films were both films starring Black women. Despite any criticisms that may be pointed at either film, what an interesting occurrence and one that many did not take note of. The hit film, “The Help,” continued to lead the box office and stars several African-American actresses in leading roles. And the film “Columbiana” opened up strongly at the number two spot, with Black Hispanic actress Zoe Saldana playing the hero and lead role.

So yes there is still progress to be made. But let’s also note what a unique weekend it was, and that maybe that is a sign of a change happening, even if ever so slowly. Black women leading the Box Office in two different films and in very different types of roles, one as servants/maids, the other as an action hero. And both were well received. Hooray.

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