We’re Getting There On Ethnic Relations

The future is bright indeed.

A new report came out this week that indicates though much progress has been made in the area of so-called “race” relations, apparently there is still a huge difference in how Blacks and Whites see the distance we’ve traveled. That doesn’t surprise me. Nor do I think one side is more right than the other. Ethnic relations is a complicated issue and it is not surprising at all that one’s perspective colors one’s attitude about it.

Personally I think we have definitely come a very long way and despite all the stupidity that still exists, seeing how much more common it is for Mixed couples to be together, in real life and on TV as well, is an obvious sign that fewer and fewer people are hung up on the color thing. And the fact that we have a Mixed man running the country is the biggest indicator of all.

So there is no point in squabbling over how far we still have to go. As long as we keep moving along I am happy. We’ll get there, to that place of complete acceptance. It may take a long time still, but the progress we’ve made tells me we will get there.

To read the article about the poll, click here.

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