So What Are You?

Not so easily identified.

Being Mixed can definitely have it’s challenges, no doubt, as the author of this article attests. Sometimes the “what are you?” question can be funny, other times it is not at all easy to deal with.

It is amazing to me how important it is for some people to put others into neat little boxes to make their own lives easier.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

I found it more offensive for a black person to doubt my answers. I am aware that most people will ask me where I am from because of my accent, but the “What is your mix?” makes me feel like a new breed at a zoo. Curiosity can be blame on human nature regardless of their skin color, but some people can be plain rude on the topic. I used to work in a department store as a make-up artist for a black make up line and once encountered two black women who started yelling and cursing at me when I described a specific powder as “one made for us, black women.”

They refused to believe I was black. They felt offended thinking I was trying to pass for black to reach my sale goal and that I was a Latina. I had to take my mother’s picture out of my wallet to calm them down and avoid potential trouble with my management.

To read the whole article click here.

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