The Power of Language and Ethnic Differences

Slip of the tongue?

Man oh man, some people still haven’t gotten over the fact that President Obama is just that, the President. And with a new election coming up, I imagine things are going to get oh so crazy, again.

The latest slips of the tongue came from Colorado Republican Rep. Doug Lamborn and conservative commentator Pa Buchanan. Whether or not these slips are racial or just a subtle indicator of old habits of speaking that just won’t go away, the fact is they show that deep below the surface there are still ways of thinking and talking that we hope fade away as soon as possible.

To read and hear what they said, click here. Regardless of the apologies that of course came afterwards, I am sure you’ll agree, such speech is a sign that for some, the acceptance of a new, more colorfully mixed world of power and influence has not sunk in. Language is indeed an important component of moving our world forward.

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2 thoughts on “The Power of Language and Ethnic Differences

  1. Earnest Harris says:

    Wow Shaun. What a great piece you wrote there. Well said and you brought up a lot of important points. Keep on preaching it my friend.

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