Celebrating America’s Diversity

Gotta love it!

My wife and I took the kids to the fireworks show last night at the L.A. Coliseum. I have to say it was probably the best finale I have ever seen. It really got the whole crowd electrified and we were all surprised at how gloriously intense it was.

But the very best part of the whole day and evening out there on the ground outside the Coliseum and the Natural History Museum where we sat, was watching the L.A. crowd. It was such a great mixture of cultures and skin colors, and everyone just got along so well, as if this sea of cultures was absolutely normal. And the good news is, it was indeed normal, at least to this L.A. crowd at this particular event. I am sure than even in other parts of L.A. there were crowds that were more homogenous at other celebrations, but here it was a true All-American quilt. Every color, different languages, Mixed couple and families, all were present.

It was why my wife and I chose this place to celebrate America’s birthday. We thought of watching the fireworks in another part of L.A., where most every city and suburb, had their own show. But we knew we wanted to be in he most L.A. place we could find, with the most diverse crowd we could find because that symbolizes our city and it symbolizes our family and philosophy.

So watching the sky and the fireworks was divided with watching the people around us. Both were such beautiful sites.

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