Looking For Racism Where There Is None

Sometimes you see what you want to see.

In our quest to get beyond the silly concept of “race” and to eliminate racism, we need to also be vigilant about calling out silliness no matter who it comes from, including when people are making something out to be “racist” when it is clearly not.

The latest brouhaha over a Dove soap ad is one such case. Apparently there are some people who are crying racism about the ad. In the spot, three women, a Black woman, a Hispanic woman and a White woman stand under the words “Before” and ‘After.” To some, the positioning of the women and the words means Dove is saying the new product takes dark skin, the ‘before” and turns to the much better lighter skin, the “after.”

The great problem with this analysis is that they are ignoring the obvious fact that the words “Before” and “After” are referring to the blown up photo in the backdrop of skin that has gone from dry to balanced. Anybody that misses that reference is really reaching for something to yell about.

It doesn’t move us forward to make a ruckus where there is none. Here is an article about the issue.

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