Using Science To “Prove” Bigotry

Attractive or unattractive? Uh this is a no-brainer.

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

I don’t know where I heard that before but it sure is true. The online conversation I had on this site last week with the guy who thought he could prove Blacks were less intelligent and statistically more prone to violence by simply being Black was one example. Then there was the brouhaha this week over the Psychology Today piece/blog by the psuedo-scientist who through the use of science could prove that Black women were less attractive and why.

How stupid. And yet the ignorant can’t celebrate this “study” too much because the same scientist concluded that Black men were the most attractiveness of all “races” due to the same “scientific” measurements.

How someone  who is a supposed scientist ignore cultural biases in how we perceive attractiveness is beyond me. It is just another indication that if you really want to believe something, you will find a way to justify it. Just amazing.

One of the best responses to this silliness was from a Black female writer at the Philadelphia Inquirer. She wrote:

A spokeswoman for the study Kanazawa bastardizes wants no parts of his craziness. Kathleen Mullan Harris told National Public Radio, “The empirical analysis does not account for the characteristics of the interviewers, which influence their observation.” (By that, she meant respondents’ race, ethnicity and such.)

To read her whole piece click here. Aw the madness of “race.”

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