Muslim-Americans – As American As Anybody Else

Mulsim Americans in prayer.

Getting beyond “race” includes getting beyond religious discrimination as well. And in our post 9-11 world, no religious group has been as profiled as Muslims unfortunately. Here is a an excerpt from an incident just last week:

On Friday morning, Masudur Rahman boarded a plane to attend a conference in North Carolina on Americans’ distrust of Islam. Agents with the Transportation Security Administration had twice screened both Massud and his traveling companion Mohamed Zaghloul and determined that the two men were not a threat, and they were cleared to join all the other similarly screened passengers on the Delta regional flight operated by Atlantic Southeast Airlines.

That’s why it came as a shock to the pair when the staff ordered them to deplane, reportedly because the pilot didn’t want them on board. An Atlantic Southeast spokesman says the airline is investigating the incident, and that the company takes “all allegations of discrimination very seriously.”

Rahman and Zaghloul didn’t arrive at the conference until the evening, and Rahman said he was too stressed by the experience to concentrate on the weekend’s topic of “Islamophobia,” or the fear of Islam.

To read the whole story click here.

Even at our kids’ school, my son said a friend of his, a Muslim girl, had someone come up to her after Bin Laden was killed and said “Sorry to hear about your uncle being killed.” How stupid was that. I hope someone spoke to that kid for being so insensitive and ignorant, and brought it to a teacher’s attention. The girl did tell others what happened.

So as we work on moving forward in our ethnic relations let’s not forget about religious stupidity as well.

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