The Justifications of a Hater

Two paths. It is a choice.

Wow what a fascinating “conversation” I had with a commenter on yesterday’s post about a child’s view of “race.” You really owe it to yourself to go read the comments. You will get a firsthand look into the mind of how really close-minded people think. And I think it is important for us to know what people like this commenter think and how they justify their hate.

As you will see from his comments, the desire to convince themselves that their beliefs about other people are rooted in logic, even quasi-science is really fascinating. Even at the same time, any thinking person can see how they choose to selectively ignore any information that goes against their logic. It really is interesting. But it is also sad. It is sad to me because I really do believe the commenter probably is at heart a good person who just fell into anger or fear of the boogey-man Black person somewhere along the way and then chose to follow or listen to some people who fooled him into believing his bias was justified by “science” or logic. And as you can see from my “discussion” with him, no amount of common sense will get through to someone who has put up a wall.

Which is why I decided there was no value in continuing the debate beyond what I did. It was clear after a couple of responses that hearing information that ran counter to his made-up mind was not going to happen. He chooses to hate and generalize. Once that choice is made, there is nothing sane people can do.

But it is informational for us nonetheless. The world is changing fast and people like this commenter have a hard time accepting what is happening. They can’t stop the inevitable and because they can’t they dig in deeper to their warped logic. But as long as some of them are still lurking out there, we should know what and how they think. If only to remember and to motivate the vast majority of us who are moving forward into our exciting new world.

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