Miss Ireland Stands Against Haters of Her Mixed Relationship

Love is colorblind, at least it should be.

Not that you thought it was the case that America was the  only one dealing with racial crazies, but here’s an example of how some of the Mixed couple silliness extends to other countries as well. This is part of a story written in the Daily Mail (London):

Stunning Miss Ireland Emma Waldron told yesterday in a forthright interview how she will never let ‘ignorant’ racists affect her love for Nigerian boyfriend Manners Oshafi.

Emma, 21, has been the victim of a vicious internet campaign because of her relationship with a black man and was forced to report an online poster targeting her with hateful and abusive racist comments.

She recently found herself at the centre of a row after one person branded her ‘disgusting’ for dating a black man.

And the stunning brunette told the Irish Mail on Sunday in an exclusive interview how one person went so far as to set up an account to target the couple.

‘One Twitter account was set up specifically to send me hateful comments.

‘But I blocked them and reported them so I don’t get the messages any more,’ she said.

The couple – who have been dating for nearly a year – have even earned their own Brangelina-like portmanteau.

Friends have dubbed them ‘Memmers’, a combination of Emma and Manners.

Ah, the insanity. Well hope Miss Ireland and her beau stand strong against the haters.

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