Tea Party Leader Continues To Put Foot In Mouth Over Ape Photo

The Tea Party rolls on.

By now you probably heard about the Orange County California Republican, Marilyn Davenport and her racist email depicting President Obama as a chimpanzee. But you may not have seen her press conference and apology yesterday.

It was pitiful.

The woman needs to just be quiet because the more she talks the more it is apparent she is undeniably racist.

In her live press conference, what hit me the most, and was the most telling, is that she didn’t even realize the racist statements she continued to make and the obvious contradictions which made it clear she was not telling the truth about not knowing the emailed photo was offensive when she sent it.

When asked who she thought the email offended, and who she avoided sending the email to figuring it might offend them, she said “The Blacks.” She also included “Browns and some people of my race.”

First of all, anybody who puts the word “the” in front of a reference to an ethnic group has a problem. It means they see them not as individuals but as a thing, a unit. Donald Trump used the same term the other day saying he had a great relationship with “The Blacks.” I’ve heard someone refer to Jewish people as “The Jews.” Take note when you hear that word ahead of the group.

But the worst thing Davenport did in making that statement was unknowingly contradict her contention that she didn’t realize at the time of sending the email that it was offensive. In proclaiming during her conference that she was selective in not sending it to The Blacks, browns and some of her race (which is another sign of a racist, that labeling of “my” race, not to mention the focus on the concept itself) is by itself an admission that she knew it was offensive or she would have sent it to everyone including her “Black friends” which she has bragged about having. The fact that she left them out is proof she knew what the email stood for and that it would be offensive to some.

So Mrs. Davenport should quit talking while she is behind. I don’t, however, think she should resign because her constituents probably know who and what she is anyway and they have a right to be represented by a racist. And besides I like that her continued role n the Tea Party and the Republican Party reminds everyone of the people they are attracting right now. I’d rather voters were clear on who they were dealing with.

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