“Fox & Friends” Finds Multicultural Crayons Evil

A better reflection of reality.

Despite the crazies over at Fox News acting like this is political correctness gone too far, I am so glad to see Crayola finally realize that people come in all shades. Crayola has decided to release a box of crayons or markers that have multicultural shades to reflect the many hues of skin tones that exist in the world.

About time.

If you are old enough you certainly remember only being able to choose from black, white and brown colors when trying to add tone to your drawings of people during our young days. Even as kids we knew this did not reflect what we really looked like. So I guess better late than never. The world is made of many beautiful shades when it comes to people, so finally young artists can have real choices to reflect that natural beauty.

Now if only Band-Aid would get on board with their “flesh-colored” product. Funny how flesh colored only meant one color of flesh. But I have a feeling they are up next in widening their choices to reflect reality.

Doesn’t stop some right-wingers from making this out to be a bad thing. Again, some people just hate to see the world changing. Here is the Fox & Friends take on it.

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