Obama’s Missed Opportunity

When two things become one.

The article below makes the same point I have made on this blog, that even though I am a big supporter of President Obama, and support the right of Mixed people to identify themselves any way they choose, Obama missed a great opportunity to help the country when he chose to ignore his mother’s ethnicity when he identified himself as only Black on the Census. I understand why he did it politically. But it is also not indicative of who he truly is no matter what people prefer to believe.

Writing in The Los Angeles Times today, a columnist wrote this:

It could have been a historic teaching moment. Instead,President Obama, the most famous mixed-race person in the world, checked off only one race — black — last year on his census form. And in so doing, he missed an opportunity to articulate a more nuanced racial vision for the increasingly diverse country he heads.

Yep. To read the whole column, click here.

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