Hollywood Liberals Strike Again With That Gay Kiss on “Glee and The Interracial Kiss On “Harry’s Law”

Oh you Hollywood liberals!

I’m a fan of almost any show David E. Kelly writes and produces so I am not surprised that I love the new “Harry’s Law” TV show. Legal drama, urban dynamics and Kathy Bates. What more could you ask for when added to the genius of Kelly.

But to make it even better, the show through in a surprise a couple of weeks ago. A budding inter-ethnic relationship (you know we don’t see it as interracial since that implies people are different races) between the two young co-workers. I love it. Way to go writers. Who knows where this will go in the storyline, but again it is at least good to see that the writers dared putting this relationship front and center on the screen. So kudos to “Harry’s Law.”

I’m sure there are plenty of conservatives cursing Hollywood these days, between the gay kiss on “Glee” and this one on “Harry’s Law” they must really be concerned their hold on societal norm is cracking big time.


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