Twins, One Black, One White

This is a very interesting story worth reading, and further proof that our outward complexion should not be what defines or separates us:

Akron, OHIO — When Khristi and Charles Cunningham take their twins, Triniti and Ghabriael (Gabe), anywhere in their Ohio town, they know to allow plenty of extra time. “They get a crowd when people learn they’re twins,” Khristi says, “not only because of their different complexions, but because Gabe is so much bigger. People ask ‘Are you sure they’re twins?’”

Khristi and Charles are sure. Born September 25, 2009 and now 17 months old, Triniti and Gabe do look very different from each other: Triniti has brown skin and hair and eyes while Gabe has fair skin and hair and blue eyes. According to their mom, they got a lot of attention in the intensive care unit where they stayed after they arrived 11 weeks early weighing only about three pounds each.

To read the full story click here.


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One thought on “Twins, One Black, One White

  1. Khristi says:

    Thank you so much for sharing our story!

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