Mixed Kids Debate Continues

A mixed family tree is becoming more and more common.

There were some interesting follow-ups to the New York Times article the other day (which I referenced in a post a few days ago). Here is one great response:

As an early national leader for biracial equality, I am gratified, 20 years later, to see self-confident, beautiful young people boldly speaking out. But your article does not fully do them justice.

A biracial identity is not about defeating societal prejudice or eliminating affirmative action; it is a personal decision. It is insulting to refer to multiracial people as “ethnically ambiguous.”

Being biracial means embracing all that you are, regardless of what society says. As the African-American father of two proudly biracial young adults, I am hopeful that our colorful future will mirror what we yearned for in the past.

Edwin C. Darden
Springfield, Va., Jan. 31, 2011

To read more responses that show how important this issue is click here.


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