Halle Berry Is A Bit Crazy

The innocent child and her two crazy parents.

O.K. I can’t help it, much as I hate to go back to a post on Halle Berry again. But I’m starting to think the woman is a bit nuts. Besides the fact that she has had so many well-publicized bad relationships, which makes you wonder whether all those men could have been the bad one in the relationship, but also this latest argument back and forth with her equally idiotic former boyfriend is getting really stupid.

Today TMZ reported that Halle had this to say about her Mixed daughter with Gabriel Aubrey, in reference to his silliness in insisting that their daughter is White.

“I feel she’s Black. I’m Black and I’m her mother, and I believe in the one-drop theory.”

First of all, Halle, you’re not Black, you’re Mixed, so that would mean you’re only half right. Secondly, how stupid can you be to brag about your support of a concept that was intended to paint Blacks as unpure but Whites as clean. How very sad.

Obviously neither of these non-rocket scientists is right. Their daughter is neither Black nor White. She is both. And she is neither. She is Mixed. Poor child. What is going to become of her when your own parents are such idiots.

These two may set back the progress of Mixed people all by themselves.

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