No Regard For Race

A true melting pot.

I’m always amazed at how unweighted young people are by the hang-ups so many of us adults carry around when it comes to the silly notion of “race.” At least this is true of the kids at my son and daughter’s school here in Burbank, California.

I am thinking about that after seeing the second music video they made, just for fun, of a group of them hanging out at a birthday party and also just enjoying themselves around Burbank.

The cultural and ethnic diversity of the group of them is just so wonderful to see. And how they played with each other, and date, without any regard for ethnicity or color.

That is how it is supposed to be.

Are they just naive teenagers?


They are people who have not yet let the world and silly adults determine for them who they should hang out with or love. Yeah I know, that time is coming for some of them. But hopefully more than a few of them are able to slip through the cracks and actually maintain their unbiased worldview.

For now, it is certainly just a beautiful thing to behold.

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