Bi-Racial People “Passing” When It Fits Their Needs

Here is an interesting study done by The University of Vermont related to how bi-racial individuals identify themselves. It goes a bit into the power of the “one drop” rule and the history of passing.

Racial “passing” still takes place today, University of Vermont sociologist Nikki Khanna reports in a new study, but in different ways. Light-skinned people with African ancestry might pass themselves off as white or as black, depending on the situation. And biracial people with one white parent and one black parent are more likely for various reasons to identify themselves as black and even to conceal their white ancestry, Khanna said.

While I don’t agree with some aspects of the study, I do think it raises some interesting points, specifically the issues of bi-racial people blending based on when it is most beneficial to a situation.

To read more follow this link.

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