Funny, You Don’t Look Italian?

I always find it interesting when people mistake country for “race.” It is just another sign of how mixed up our labels are.

 I was watching something the other day and noticed how surprised some people on TV were when a Black Italian person was the focus of an interview.

What? Black and Italian?

Uh yeah. Italy does have Black people folks.

It is so funny how it is assumed that Blacks are only in America and Africa. But here’s the thing, we are all over the globe. There are more Blacks in South America, Colombia, Brazil, Venezuela, etc., than there are in the US. By far. And yes, Black folks in England speak with a British accent too.

Confusing “race” with nationality is far too common. And it is just another indicator of how silly these racial notions are. I saw someone on Tyra Bank’s show described once as Black and Puerto Rican.


Puerto Rico is a country. Black is a color. It was as if Black was a country or something.

May 2011 be a year that gets us even a little closer to ridding ourselves of these stupid labels and notions.

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