Can We Ever Get Beyond Racial Hang-Ups?

Sometimes you just wonder, will our society and world ever get over and past racism, or judging people by their outer appearance.

 Obviously none of us can truly answer that question though there certainly are signs, like the increasing number of Mixed people out there, and cross-ethnic relationships, that give us hope that the day will indeed get here when we are beyond this racial silliness.

 And yet, we are also reminded all too frequently just how important these biases are. We see school lunch tables grouped around ethnicity at high schools. We see churches largely segregated by color. Neighborhoods in most cities largely grouped by race and culture.

 I know that some of these groupings have as much to do with socio-economic status as they do skin color. But even within similar socio-economic class, these groupings still remain. So clearly that is not all at play.

 I don’t say all this to be gloomy about where we are. Indeed I am extremely optimistic about the progress I see. Bu that doesn’t mean that sometimes I am struck by how ingrained these color lenses are for most of us.

 But bit by bit, the world is changing. And though change may come slower than many of us hope, at least it is happening. Even a trickle, can overflow a container eventually.

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