Halloween Is The Great Ethnic Equalizer

Do you care what my ethnicity is?

One of the best things about Halloween is that it is one of those times when you realize just how unimportant our silly focus on skin color is when it comes to people getting along.

I say this because I notice how much nicer people are to each other when they are more focused on costumes than skin color. It is as if for just a night, we let go of worrying about our physical appearance and that of others and just look at the characters they have made themselves out to be. It is amazing to watch how when people can’t see skin color, they simply enjoy each other for being people. How wonderful.

And yet on the flip side it also shows just how important we let skin color be, because when the costumes come off, we go back to our usual measurements. But for a night it is nice to see that we can deal with each other with basically no regard to ethnic makeup. Wouldn’t it be nice if it could be that way all the time, without costumes?

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