Tyra Banks Show Exposes The Idiocy of Race

A step forward and backward at the same time.

When I happened to see a commercial for yesterday’s “Tyra Banks Show” I just couldn’t resist watching it. The show was billed as being about “interracial girls” who hate one half of who they are. I shuddered at the thought of what a show like Tyra’s would do with such a subject. Would they make it look like Mixed people were impossibly screwed up? Or would they find a way to make a broader message of some sort?

The show opened with a mixed Black and White teen girl (she looked Black in appearance) who hated Black people.

Oh boy.

This didn’t look so good in terms of being a show that would showcase the positives of being Mixed.

This girl even drove around with and displayed on her bedroom wall a confederate flag.

Uh, yeah.

The next girl appeared to be Hispanic and indeed she was partially. She was half Mexican and half White. Turns out she hated White people.

Oh boy.

On and on it went, with girls of varying mixtures, Black and Hispanic, Asian and White, etc. The show’s producers sure went out of their way to find the most extreme cases no doubt.

But in a strange way, Tyra was able to get the point across that these girls had personal issues beyond being Mixed. And in another segment she focused on how impossible it is to ascertain sometimes people’s ethnicity  based on their skin color, or hair texture, or other obvious external features. For example she had some Black girls on who were 100% Black (so they said) and who no one could guess were Black because of they looked White or Hispanic or Mixed in every way. So in this case, Tyra made a broader statement about the silliness of “racial” definitions. Thank God.

All in all, despite my initial fear that this subject would be mishandled on that kind of sensationalist show, I think in the end, Tyra was able to make it more about not focusing on stereotypes of what different groups look like and also bring home the point that “racial” hatred can sometimes take us to some truly insane places.

So, way to go Tyra. One thing though, I it’ll be nice when Trya takes it one step further and stops perpetuating the notion of “race” at all. She would consistently ask, “What race are you, or what race do you think she is?” She even said one girl’s “racial make-up was part Black and part Puerto Rican.


Tyra, Puerto Rico is a place, not a race. And there are White, Brown and Black Puerto Ricans. I can’t imagine she would say America is a race. Though she did, on the show, reference Mexican as a race.


Oh boy, will this ever end?

Here is the most insane person on the show:

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