Is The Thrill Gone With Obama?

While President Obama seems to be losing lots of ground in terms of popularity these days, it is good to see that there seems to be less and less attention paid to his being “Black” as people keep wanting to label him. That is a good thing. After all in the long run, the very best sign of progress when it comes to ethnic relations is when we hardly pay any attention to it. Oh I know it still matters to a lot of people, but at least for now his outward appearance seems to be less of an overt issue.

Of course the biggest step in this area will come when those of us who supported him, and reveled in having someone of his pigmentation make it to The White House, are also willing to be honest about his job performance. For now I think many of us are hesitant to criticize Obama because we so want this barrier-breaking man to do well. And that is understandable. But his waning popularity numbers suggest that there are indeed a whole lot of others who have no problem judging him without factoring in wishful thinking.

But for now whether you believe he is doing as well as he can, or you feel the thrill is gone and he hasn’t lived up to expectations, at least we are seemingly getting to a place where judgments are based more on issues and actions and less on ethnic make-up. In the long run, that is a good thing.



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