The Skin Color Battle Isn’t Just Between Races

Many shades, but are they judged the same?

This new study put out by The University of Texas at Austin gives more proof to the sad fact that while we stay vigilant about ridding ourselves of all the prejudice that exists between different cultures and ethnic groups, so-called “races” by some, it will not end our work. The bias is also very strong within the same ethnic group against people simply based on lighter skin versus darker skin, with those with lighter skin being more desirable and those with darker skin being lower on the totem pole. While this study only focuses on Mexico, I know this is definitely true for Blacks as well, and for many cultures.

I have never known what the root of this is, though we have so many examples of its manifestations – good cowboys wear white, bad ones black, dark is fearful, light is a sign of goodness. And across the globe we find situations where the darker toned people tend to be at the economic bottom.

So what this means is that fighting racism is great, but even when we get rid of cultural bias, we still have to deal with colorism. And on that, at this stage I am not even sure at the moment how to attack that other than to try to be as vigilant as possible to its very real existence.

Here is that article I am referencing.

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