A $32 Million Slave He Is Not

A $32 million slave?

Albert Haynesworth, the Washington Redskins defensive football player, wants everyone to know he’s not a slave.


But he is an idiot for even making such a statement.

To compare being a slave to being told what position to play on a football team that pays you millions of dollars every year is just plain stupid. And even more ridiculous that he would add a racial tone to his disagreement with the team.

“I mean, I’m not for sale. Yeah, I signed the contract and got paid a lot of money, but … that don’t mean I’m for sale or a slave or whatever.”


Here is a link to the article on Yahoo where I heard this nonsense. Some people really do want to fan the flames of racism when they think it suits their agenda.

It doesn’t always work. And this is one of those cases when I don’t think anybody will think the man is making any sense. You got paid  $32 million by the team, Albert. The point of slavery was forced labor. Nobody’s forcing him to be a millionaire.

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