TV Can Open Our Minds

A mixed First Family is a first.

I have to give some dap to TV writers and producers again. The new NBC drama “The Event” actually goes farther than most on the “open your mind” scale.

We have seen Black Presidents on TV before, notably the first season of “24” and in various movies, including Morgan Freeman in the Ben Afleck thriller, “The Sum of All Fears,” to name just a couple. But “The Event” does two things I haven’t seen and I truly applaud.

For one, the Black President, played by Blair Underwood, is also Hispanic, Cuban in heritage, to be specific. He even has a Spanish name, Elias Martinez. That’ll throw a few people for a loop. Good. Because people need to realize that Hispanic is not a “race” and that Black people exist in a lot of countries.

Going one step past even that, Underwood’s character is in what some would call an interracial marriage, the First Lady being played by Puerto Rican actress Lisa Vidal. And they have a Mixed kid. So there you go, our first fictional Mixed family in The White House. It could happen. Hey I do believe life can and does imitate art and I think getting people used to seeing fictional Black Presidents did in a small way, pave the way for Obama. So maybe seeing more characters like these will also have some impact down the road.

Here’s hoping so. But for now, way to go NBC for pushing the envelope a bit.

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4 thoughts on “TV Can Open Our Minds

  1. Frank Underwood Jr. says:

    Your article is right on time in reference to the, some would say, ground-breaking move of The Event writers. Cheers to you both. However, a point of fact, the motion picture where Morgan Freeman played the President was actually a movie Blair was in; Deep Impact. It was Paramount’s answer to the Ben Affleck movie, Armageddon.

  2. SPQR says:

    >>Hey I do believe life can and does imitate art and I think getting people used to seeing fictional Black Presidents did in a small way, pave the way for Obama. So maybe seeing more characters like these will also have some impact down the road.
    Stumbled across this screed quite by accident.

    You people are amazing, but I want to thank you for saying what many concerned European Americans have been saying for decades; that television warps racial political and social reality and conditions minds toward self destruction. There is nothing uplifting or noble about biracial mixed couplings.

    For at least sixty years white Americans have been the target of this manipulation, and you know it. Of course they were ostracized for making this “racist” accusation, with subsequent shrieks of nazi, bigot, etc in order to shut down the dialogue. Moreover it is a given that non-whites are privileged with defending their group interests while whites are not.

    Needless to say you diversity cultists don’t realize a society in which each and every person, ethnicity, and organization must be equally "diverse" is a society which has destroyed diversity. Is that photo supposed to represent diversity? Actually, it signifies what is politically chic.

    Again, thank you for admitting what “we” have been saying all along: The idea of “diversity” is not based on any truthful principled feeling; it is based on manipulation, snobbishness and collective fear which the media and its boosters have been pimping for decades. And thankfully more than few of “us” are awakening to it.

  3. Thomas says:

    Your disgusting Jew-sponsored pro-mixing anti-white “website”, should be shut down with the speed of light!
    Who the hell do you think you are to dictate the racial GENOCIDE of White people in OUR OWN White nations all over the World??? To DEMAND us to accept you in our midst, in our societies and mix our unique White DNA with your semi-human one??
    Race mixing was the ONLY reason great Empires like Babylon, Egypt, Persia and The Hindu Valley Civilization collapsed! Did you know that? All of them founded and build by WHITES who foolishly Mixed with Negroes, Semites, Mongoloids, and Aboriginal Dravidians (Natives of the Indian Sub-Continent).
    And from the destruction of the former White Race with your semi-human DNA the great Empires and civilizations turned into typical 3rd World SLUMS of backwardness, disease, infection and savagery!
    That’s how “human” your DNA is! And now you try to promote and bring that devastation to into our midst to destroy us completely???
    You should be forbidden to spread your spew into the impressionable minds of our White children and teens!
    Go promote your Marxist/Closet Communist/We’re all the same – FILTHY LIES into the mudland of Africa! Not in our nations!
    And if you don’t publish my comment you prove that you agree
    with my point even though you would rather die that admit it!

  4. Earnest Harris says:

    I get such a kick out of the above two responses. I went ahead and let those comments through because it is so important to see that there are still those out there with that sad old school thinking. Thankfully they are in the minority and I think even they know there is nothing they can do, except cry about the loss of “purity” because like it or not people are coming together more and more everyday.

    It’s also so funny also because they often think people coming together as something to do with some anti-white bias, much as some Black purists think the same thing but only that it is about some anti-black bias. So which is it, anti-black or anti-white? Surely it can’t be both.

    Gotta love it, the way progress threatens some people.

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