Celebrating The “Good Ole Days” of Slavery

Celebrating the Good Ole Days.

O.K. Some things are just so bad that you really don’t know if someone is punking you or if this is really happening.

Such is the event that South Carolina Republicans threw last weekend. The event was called  “A Southern Experience” and was hosted by the South Carolina Federation of Republican Women. South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford even attended the event, where party-goers were invited to dress up in antebellum attire. Well, to make the event more, uh, realistic, it looks like they also hired at least two Black people to add to the atmosphere by dressing in what Blacks would be wearing back then, which is, shall we say, slave attire.

I’m not making this up people. The photos tell the story.

I’m just at a loss on how blatant some people are. If it wasn’t so out there, it would be funny. But it isn’t.

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