Color Blindness Is Not Always A Bad Thing

  TV is at once both a trailblazer when it comes to moving us forward on the Mixed dating front and at the same time, a terrible, terrible place for not giving people of color an equal chance at seeing shows that reflect their reality and the people around them. But I do have to give props to a show we watched the other day, a new reality show called “Plain Jane,” that once again showed a central figure, a white female looking for someone to ask out on a date, who seemed to not care at all what the color of a person’s skin was that she was considering. The woman, and the show’s producers, treated her targeting of one black man no differently than they did her pursuits of the white males she also targeted. That’s fabulous and to me the way I wish all shows, and people in the real world, handled this situation.

 Maybe we will indeed get to a point where I, and others, won’t even notice anything at all when these things happen, the way we don’t notice when someone picks someone with red hair versus black hair. I know we are not fully there yet, but it sure is nice when we see that for some at least, they already are where we hope the rest of the population gets to.

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