Dentyne Shows Some Guts With This One

Way to go Dentyne. This took guts.

Man I’m loving the guts of the Dentyne people to put out a commercial like the one they did for Dentyne Pure. If you haven’t seen the spot it starts out featuring an African-American guy in full lip lock with what appears to be a White woman (though it is possible she is a light-skinned Black or Hispanic woman. But I don’t think so).


That took some guts from them. While I’ve seen commercials before that show inter-ethnic relationships, very very few are as in your face as this one. I love it! And as I suspected when I first saw it, when I looked around the Internet to see reactions, the racists are up in arms with some very ugly comments about the spot and what they see as propaganda in favor of “race-mixing.”

Get over it people. I hope we see more companies with the guts to show this kind of spot. It’s a beautiful thing. Catches you off guard at first because we’re so unused to seeing it straight up like that, but then you see it for what it is, an ad that simply shows what’s going on for more and more people out there.

I gottta go get me some Dentyne Pure to show my support.

Here is the ad.

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One thought on “Dentyne Shows Some Guts With This One

  1. frankie says:

    Our Mixed Kids are not half and half, they’re double! They have twice the amount of cultural and genetic heritage! As a bicultural white woman I like saying that I live life in stereo.
    Nice blog, thanks for writing all this.

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