Is this the 60’s Again?

What is going on in “post racial America’? Between Rep. Wilson yelling at the President, Kanye West and Taylor Swift, Glen Beck and Van Jones, Rush Limbaugh and anybody darker than him, Serena Williams at the U.S. Open, birthers, truthers, town hall mobs, black kids beating up a white kid on a bus, a white man beating up a black mother in Atlanta while yelling racial slurs, and numerous other incidents, I can’t tell if we have moved ahead or backwards in terms of ethnic relations in this country, not to mention just plain ole civility.

Who’s at fault for all this and why have we moved backwards? Some on the Right blame President Obama for ushering in this free for all. The left (and I include myself in this group) blame Republicans and other right wingers for doing everything they can to disrupt the Obama administration in hopes that it fails.

Whatever the reason, any hope of moving into a post race focused world following Obama’s election has evaporated. At least for now. I do think this craziness will pass, but not until certain people finally recognize that the door that has been opened to people of color is not going to close, so they might as well give up. But that realization will not come easily or soon I am afraid. And in fact I suspect things will get a bit crazier before they get better.


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