Richard Nixon on “Interracial” Babies

O.K. we already knew Richard Nixon was a complete crook and liar. But now we can add to his legacy, complete idiot.

As you may have heard, the Nixon library released last week more recordings of this crazy man. Which by the way, I don’t understand why they keep doing this since they exist to honor the man, and yet the more we know about him; the more history will see him for what he was, a person totally unfit to run this country. Anyway, one of the things Nixon can be heard expounding on in this most recent batch, is his opinion about exceptions for abortion. In a nutshell he said that while he was against abortion generally, he felt that there were two exceptions that should be allowed, in the case of rape and in the case of Mixed, black and white, babies.


That’s what the idiot said.

Need I say more?

What a fool he was.


One thought on “Richard Nixon on “Interracial” Babies

  1. Zen says:

    Sigh, I'm sad he passed away really. Because seeing Obama in his chair would have driven him off the hook! "Ahhh I'm coming Lizbeth, this is the big one!!!

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