A Virtual Fist Bump

I don’t know what’s going on but much to my delight in the last few days I have been seeing a large number of Mixed couples. Is something going on that I don’t know about? Has there been a meeting in Burbank I didn’t get invited to?

Whatever it is, I love it. Seriously, I must have seen at least 10 couples in the last 3 days, plus seeing at least 4 mothers with kids who were clearly Mixed. And the mixtures I’ve seen have run the gamut from Asian-White, Asian-Black, to Hispanic-Black, White-Black.

And it’s funny, when I see these couple I have to resist the urge to run up to them and give them high fives or something. Ironic, huh, since the point of all this is to get to that place where seeing such couples and families is not considered out of the ordinary. So I try to notice without noticing. But inside I am giving them a virtual fist bump.

Love that knows no boundaries. What a concept.


3 thoughts on “A Virtual Fist Bump

  1. MilesPerHour says:

    I don't know what it is either. # years ago GF and I got together, neither one of us thinking we would be in an interacial relationship. It seemed we were quite uncommon. I thought it was jsut that now that I was in one that I began to notice more, but it sounds like there really has been a change going on.

  2. Earnest says:

    I agree that part of it is we notice it more, but I think numbers do indicate an increase in actual couples. That's great. Can't stop inevitability.

  3. Frankie says:

    Can I say something without making you mad at me? When I was in the States in 1980-81 with my 'metis' baby boy, whenever something happened to him, people would ask: where's his mother? and would not believe I (the white woman) was. Except in Milwaukee at Xmas, when the majority of Blacks waiting for a bus at the main bus station found out this French speaking black little boy had a white mother, they were all so friendly and sorted out all my problems!!!

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