A Baby In A Coffee Shop

My wife and I were sitting in a local coffee shop here in Burbank the other night and had the pleasure of sitting across from a table of Japanese people who had a month and a half old baby with them. The baby was so cute and did that baby thing much of the time, which was to stare at people, in this case Dianna and I. Well what hit me, besides the perpetual wonder at new life and the life cycle, was that the baby was already living in a world of no more race. To her we weren’t anything but something to stare at, to try to figure out. It was a reminder that the silliness of race is absolutely a learned notion and though it will be impossible to stop that baby from learning the concept, we can at least hope for and work towards, making it less of a real issue.

Thank God for babies and the chance again to get it right.


2 thoughts on “A Baby In A Coffee Shop

  1. Zen says:

    Indeed. If only society (or parents) did not mess them up. LoL

  2. MilesPerHour says:

    I just figure if people are staring at GF and I it's because of my height and that she is so good looking. lol

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