A Very Special Day in Honor of a Very Special Couple

If you are Mixed or are in a Mixed, or I prefer to say, blended relationship, then you probably know about the Lovings. It is to the Lovings that we all owe a great debt because it was they who challenged our nation’s laws on what was referred to as miscegenation, or people marrying outside of their “race.”

The Lovings did not set out to change our country, or specifically 1958 Virginia since that is where their challenge began, but change the country they did when the case of the black woman and white man who simply wanted to have the right for their marriage to be legally recognized in their state, and everywhere, went to the Supreme Court and they won.

So out of that, to commemorate and celebrate what their love and efforts did for all inter-ethnic couples and their kids, a special day came to be recognized, at least by many Mixed people, and that day is Loving Day, which is appropriately titled as both the name of the couple and also of what they were simply trying to do. People all over America will be celebrating this special day in ways large and small, like my friend Zen, from the blog Zen’s Sekai I – by Land… who is having a special gathering of friends this weekend, most of whom are in Mixed relationships, at his home in The Bay Area. Many people don’t know about Loving Day, but we should all do our best to spread the word, so people of all kinds, not just Mixed people and couples, come to know what a special day this is and so no one forgets the special couple that made it all possible, by striking down laws that prevented interracial marriages.

So Happy Loving Day to you.

For more on The Lovings check out this site.


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