An Apology For Being Racist

If you haven’t read this article that I found on Yahoo you really should read it. It’s the story of an old white gentleman who though he was notorious for hating blacks when he was younger, and even viciously beat a few in his life during the Civil Rights Movement, now is going about apologizing to everyone he can find who he wronged.

It is an interesting read and makes you think a lot about the root of hatred. One of the more interesting things I found in the piece though was the fact that even during the height of his hatred, he would bring his young wife to a “black speakeasy” to show off his dance moves to her. How odd. To hate blacks so much and yet have no problem going into a black club and dancing with them. O.k. that confuses me a bit. But I guess it is about the fact that as long as blacks are in their own place they are o.k. It is when they wanted to integrate that he had to beat them down.

As far as the apology to blacks, frankly I accept it. I understand it is sort of a death-bed apology but still the public nature of what he is doing can be a great lesson for a lot of people so I think it is a good thing.

Check out the article here.


2 thoughts on “An Apology For Being Racist

  1. underOvr (aka The U) says:

    Hi Earnest.I read this same story …although it didn’t raise any flags for me…I do believe that confession is healthy.Perhaps you’re right…as our society becomes more socially integrated the focus on race will diminish. I have doubts but I hope you’re right.I happened to come across your blog from Shirl’s blog Shades of Black and White. I saw that your wife comes from Austin…my son and his family live in Austin as well…his wife’s family name is Perales which made me think how small the world we live in really is.I look forward to reading more of your blog.U

  2. Earnest says:

    Maybe they’re related. You never know, it is indeed a small world. Thanks for reading. I love Shirl’s blog and have read your comments over there. I’m glad you care about this subject and look forward to keeping up with you as well.Take care.

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