A Lack Of Ethnic Concern

I was doing my thing at the mall last night here in Burbank while waiting for Dianna, sitting on a bench just watching the flow of people go by. People watching is one of my favorite things to do. People are so interesting – styles, sizes, personalities, etc.

As I remarked once before, I am just thrilled to see the cultural diversity that passes by here. I heard numerous languages as I sat there – Russian, Armenian, English, Spanish, and some I could not place. Reminded me that in my daughter’s nearby elementary school, there are over 50 languages spoken in the homes of the students.

But again what I noticed equally was the absolute lack of any seeming concern about ethnic or racial differences. This is especially evident obviously in all the teens strolling through. Even when they were not hanging together, the groups seemed to flow as if all this diversity was normal, as it is to them I guess. How wonderful. And of course there were a few mixed teen couples thrown in. And again, no one seemed to care.

Thank God for this generation. I am not silly enough to think there is no racial or ethnic animosity among any of this younger generation. But I can tell they are mostly coming from a place that is eons beyond where most of us adults started from.

Did my heart good watching the scene.


One thought on “A Lack Of Ethnic Concern

  1. Robert Williams says:

    I agree with the you about the young generation. Race is the last thing on their mind. They have forged a new American and I give them the credit for getting the first African-American into the president’s office.

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