What An Awesome Responsibility

I was just watching my kids, unbeknownst to them, the way parents do some times when we are amazed that we have brought these wonderful little people into the world, and was thinking, what will the world hold for them in the future?

Are we making the right choices on what we do with them, what we teach them?

Will they end up anything like we expect and hope them to be in terms of their morals and attitudes and behavior?

Thinking about it, you realize how little control over it you have as parents and yet how awesome the task is in trying to steer them to where we hope they end up. I can only hope that some of what we teach, both intentionally and unintentionally, since much of what they learn from us won’t be things we thought we were teaching, gets through positively. And I certainly hope, and believe it will be the case, that their ethnic mix, will be something that gives them strength and a perspective that gives them a leg up on being the type of people that will do something, even in small ways, that make the world better than it was when they came into it.


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