Black Is The New Black

Boy it’s something how things change, huh?

It seems that all of a sudden being Black is the new thing for 2009. With Barack Obama getting elected and living in the White House it seems like the Republicans have now decided that they had better get on board with the new “trend” and have selected their first ever African-American person to head the Republic Party, Michael Steele. I guess they figure the writings on the wall and they need to show that they are down with the times. And it looks like this year’s winning Head Coach in the Super Bowl will also be a black man (not the first though since Tony Dungy already broke that barrier). So we black men had better recognize that this seems to be our year and get going before the clock runs out on us. We’re the hot thing. Black is the new black. I even heard Larry King say that his young son told him one night recently that he wanted to Black, that he thought being Black was cool. Well there you go. We are the hot new toy.

I better get going while the goings good before the clock runs out.


2 thoughts on “Black Is The New Black

  1. Zen says:

    Hahah indeed. It can only help our resettlement in Japan as well. Hopefully it will stay “in” for a while. There is that saying strike while the iron is hot! 🙂

  2. Dianna Perales-Harris says:

    I’m still waiting for brown to be in. Hasn’t happened for us yet. Might be a while,huh?

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