Another Mixed Woman Raises The Beauty Standard

I am always happy to see Mixed people shine in the public arena since it brings the future (and present I suppose) of ethnic relations to the forefront where people cannot ignore how the world is changing.

The new Miss France, Chloe Mortaud, is also multi-ethnic, with an African-American mother and a white French father, and apparently, is darn proud of it, as she seems to like talking about her make-up. Good for her.

And it is yet another example to our 10 year old daughter of how the standards of beauty are adapting more and more for girls and women who are not the typical beauty ideal of so many years of blonde hair and blue eyes.


One thought on “Another Mixed Woman Raises The Beauty Standard

  1. Zen says:

    WOW! HOT!I saw an interesting show the other night about “Multi-Race” kids. Something about an art show with a “Hafa” model pictures and some comments from the models in the photos about themselves and their thoughts. My wife was talking so I could not focus on the TV šŸ™‚

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