Being Mixed In Texas

We just got back this past weekend from a trip to Texas (Austin and Port Arthur) to visit family for Thanksgiving. It was a good trip, though we drove all the way there from L.A., some 22 hours straight one way. Hey times are hard and flying was out of the question. It was well worth it seeing all the family, on both Dianna’s and my side.

But what was particularly interesting to me on the trip, which hadn’t happened in three years, was noticing again the reactions or looks we got from people when they saw our Mixed family. We get so used to be in L.A. where we hardly get noticed at all, that I completely forgot about the fact that in many parts of the country, like Arizona, New Mexico and especially Texas, seeing a Black and Mexican-American couple, and their bi-ethnic offspring, are not the norm. While we did not get any reactions that were overt or negative, I certainly noticed there were plenty of times when people gave the family the double-take and that long, slow glance at all of our family. If only I could have read their minds. That is the only thing that would have made it more interesting. And needless to say, the looks of curiosity were definitely more noticeable in the small towns we would stop in to gas up or to use the restroom facilities.

Ah, life in America. I had to hold myself back from saying to these people, “Get used to it, more like us are coming soon.” But I think driving through these towns and red states with the “Obama ’08” sticker plastered on the back of the car was enough tweaking of their noses we needed to do.


5 thoughts on “Being Mixed In Texas

  1. Zen says:

    LOL LOve that !

  2. Shirlatude says:

    We live in North Carolina. My daughters, eight and ten, are biracial. My son is fifteen, 6’4″, blonde hair, blue eyes. I always get a kick out of the looks we get from people trying to figure out the contrast of our blended family. Unfortunately here in the south the looks aren’t always the friendliest, but I just smile and say hello anyway! Shirl

  3. Earnest says:

    As long as the looks don’t intrude or are mean, they can indeed be funny. I’m not even sure our kids realize yet that they are different than most people. So they don’t notice yet. But I know in time, they will and hope we can prepare them so that their response to it is such that it does more to make them realize such looks say more about the lookers than it does about them.

  4. Yvonne says:

    …I just stick my tongue out at them. Works everytime and my family gets a kick out of it. Don’t have time to waste on haters.

  5. Earnest says:

    Yeah, that works too and is more fun huh?

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