Mixed People Have Much To Cheer

I have to say I still haven’t come down from the feeling I had on Tuesday night. And as I think ahead to what is in store for President Obama (doesn’t that sound nice?) I also can’t help but be tremendously excited about what his prominence will mean for the acceptance of mixed ethnicity individuals and relationships. I even predict that there will be an even greater increase in the number of mixed relationships and children as a result of people more and more coming to see Obama and his family as a “normal” part of life, even an attribute to desire.

I know right now most people are going on and on about his being “black” or African-American (which he actually is since his Dad is African and his mother American). But give it time, we’ll be able to draw more attention to his mixed heritage as time goes on.

Already, our kids are proud to see someone who they know is like them, in the highest office in the land. It helps them have pride in their African-American side, and it also helps them know that being Mixed is not only o.k., but can also be an attribute, something that this country should have always celebrated, and certainly this year, proved that is accepted, in the biggest way.


2 thoughts on “Mixed People Have Much To Cheer

  1. Ann says:

    Thank you, nice blog. I have very few issues that I will stand up and fight for. As I was walking out the door to protest at a KKK rally I was thankful for to opportunity to do so. I’m sorry to see so many people are blinded by ignorance but I’m proud to be a part of those who are not.

  2. Earnest says:

    It’s good that there are people who do decide to take a stand and fight. we need more people like you.

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