Where Does Ethnic Hatred Come From?

As I mentioned in a previous blog, I am reading the great book, “Jackie Robinson: A Biography” by Arnold Rampersad. I just finished reading one chapter that detailed the incredible vitriol and hatred Robinson encountered on one trip to Louisville, Kentucky when he was still playing in the minor leagues, though still the first Black to do so. Later, Jackie would describe the language he heard, the slurs hurled at him whenever he did anything on the field, as some of the worst he ever experienced.

It’s just amazing to imagine what that had to be like for him.

It makes me wonder, how can people have so much hatred inside of them, to do that to a person, to hate them so much that you can’t control yourself, so much that spit flies from your mouth? All because of their skin color. Intellectually I understand bigotry. But then again, do we really understand this highly irrational reaction to difference?

When I read or hear about stuff like this, and while things may not be as blatant as back then we all know it still exists if only more subtly, I do wonder if we really understand where this stuff comes from.


One thought on “Where Does Ethnic Hatred Come From?

  1. Zen says:

    I wonder about that myself, the nature of people to have so much hate against someone they do not know just because they are not they same color as they are. AMAZING and SAD

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