Poor Little Mixed Kids

Here we go again. Yet another study that purports that Mixed kids and people have it bad in terms of being screwed up. Here is one key conclusion:

If we had to pick an explanation that best fits the facts, it would be the old sociology model of mixed-race individuals as the “marginal man”: not part of either racial group and therefore torn by inner conflict.

You know by now I think all of this is a bunch of hooey. By the way the same study concluded that Mixed kids were more attractive than non-Mixed. How they determined this I don’t know.

At the end of the day, I think the model that is the basis of studies like this is intrinsically flawed because it presumes everything is black and white. For example when they say “mixed” or “interracial” are they focused on those our society perceives as polar opposites black and white, or are they looking at other cultural mixtures as well? From what I can see they tend to focus on black-white. But even in the case of black-white children, there is just way too much anecdotal evidence that these kids go through all the same issues and problems that everyone else does. Undoubtedly there is more on the plate for them, but again, to what degree do these studies take into account the family situation of the kids studied – whether the parents are together, whether the parents are poor or rich, what communities do they live in since some areas are more accepting than others, are the parents involved with the kids? Many questions that these academic studies don’t seem to include when they simply conclude that Mixed means conflict.

There are just too many examples in our society of highly successful Mixed people to say that inherently they are prone to problems, and that list is way bigger than Barack Obama, Halle Berry and Mariah Carey. If you want to read the article about the study click on this link.


2 thoughts on “Poor Little Mixed Kids

  1. sandi says:

    I grew up mixed. and me and my brother things were fine when we were together. but when people started talking about our race outside we didn’t like it. we wish we had a one race to our selves. we wish they could just except us for having our own race. we know we dont come from a country. were actual human made race. but were for ever like an art project. and looking at so many different things about us. unstead of just excepting us as a whole.from sandi

  2. justiq says:

    Umm, I love myself, any more ??? The Doubt is in u, no ones gna hate you, I mean what Im saying is yea I am mixed, and yes I’ve lived around Mexicans my whole life, but Im not gna doubt who I am, especially if you dont like me, well than thats you, but Im me,. If i’ve ever goten hated on, who cares?? In life some people are gna hate you, guess what, you have to learn how to manage, and yes to some people im considered a n****, who gives a shit, I am happy., being a big bad ass blaxican, kiss my cottage cheese foot, haha ha your damn right I like beans with abuelas crema, and g-ma jemima lima beans, well hasta luego.

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